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Our business strategy is based on our philosophy and the vision of "Needs and Quality" that is clarified in practice level. Specifically, we will propose the following strategy.

Design Innovation Strategy
For the " fun to use" products, we will clarify the concept of our brands or create the new brand for the new needs. And based on the concept of our brands, we will promote the product design and package design that everyone can " fun to use".

Production Innovation Strategy
To further enhance the quality and the safety of products, we will develop the plant equipment and continue to deliver products made in Japan to customers. At the same time, we will make the development of human resources and other professionals and we will practice the program that effectively improves the skills of each person.

Logistics Strategy
To achieve stable supply of products and a smooth distribution, we will reduce the human error in the production and inventory control. We will promote more efficient management systems and aim to "zero error logistics".