Esthetic Salon

Product Details

    • ・Compact head can reach and brush into narrow
      place like back side of back teeth in mouth.
    • ・Outer bristles are normal hardness, it can
      touch to gum-ridge softly, top & inner side is
      hard which can remove plaque, by double tufting.
    • ・Long slim neck handle can reach to
      everywhere in mouth.
    • ・Handle shape is ovalized, it's easy to grip and use.
Basic information
Product name Dr.BEAVER double bristles(hard/soft) toothbrush,small head
Product code 520240
Color Green, Blue, White, Pink, Violet x 2pcs each(Total 10pcs)
Country of origin Japan
Quality indication based on Household Goods Quality Labeling Act
Material of handle Polypropylene
Material of bristle Nylon
Hardness of bristle Medium
Resistance to heat 80 degree C
Country of Origin Japan