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There are several theories on the origin of the toothbrush. The earliest recorded literature in Egypt and has been around 1500 BC. According to the description of the papyrus, in ancient Egypt, it is said that teeth was brushed by using some branch of the tree that is softened by chewing. One of the etiquette for purifying the body, it is known that oral cleaning was going. Moreover, the record is left which oral cleaning was done in about 600 BC in India. The Origin of toothbrush in Japan, it was "Shiboku", a thin wood stick introduced in the sixth century.

In this way, since ancient times, Oral health has been considered as important. And even today, more and more importance of oral hygiene is increasing. We take pride in making products that so essential and we have a great responsibility. For your safe and easy care, "MADE IN JAPAN" is in our confidence. We also received a patent for a unique product structure of the dental floss & pics.

UFC SUPPLY, in ever-changing era, uncover new needs and propose a new value tailored to the needs. At the same time, we continue to seek unchanging quality and safety. With commitment to quality but with innovative ideas, we can always meet customer satisfaction. This is our consistent principle. In the future, based on these principles, we will deliver products that everyone can use safely and easily.

From CEO

Founded in 1998, We have been expanding the business and producing a wide variety of oral care products, following the most basic guide of activities that is our corporate philosophy of customer satisfaction.

In the rapidly changing modern society, social problems and needs of people are constantly changing. Especially because of the progress of aging society and environmental problems, interest in health will increase the future.

We think that it is the practice of our philosophy to Contribute to the healthy life of everyone in the field of oral care products. In 2010, we clarified the idea as vision of " Needs and Quality".

The vision of "Needs and Quality" means uncovering new needs and proposing new values to meet the needs in the ever-changing age. And it means to keep improving the quality of safety that will be increasingly desirable.

We will continue the effort based on the vision of "Needs and Quality". Thank you for your continued patronage in the future.

CEO Yousuke Kubo


In 2010, we clarified our philosophy as vision of a more specific business activities. The vision of "Needs and Quality" means uncovering new needs and proposing new values to meet the needs in the ever-changing age. And it means to keep improving the quality of safety that will be increasingly desirable. As concrete forms of this vision, we will promote "Design Innovation" and "Production Innovation".
Design Innovation
In terms of new needs of modern society, we will focus the department of design. And we will promote the brand construction and the product design or the package design that is based on the concept of " fun to use". Design feature is often overlooked until now in the field of oral care products. However, we aim to link it to modern needs.
Production Innovation
For improving the safety or quality of products, we will put the focus on the development of plant equipment and human resources. In addition, we will also promote the prioritization of the R&D for materials and molding techniques. We will struggle to the "health and safety" that is one of the most important factor in modern society.


Our business strategy is based on our philosophy and the vision of "Needs and Quality" that is clarified in practice level. Specifically, we will propose the following strategy.
Design Innovation Strategy
For the " fun to use" products, we will clarify the concept of our brands or create the new brand for the new needs. And based on the concept of our brands, we will promote the product design and package design that everyone can " fun to use".
Production Innovation Strategy
To further enhance the quality and the safety of products, we will develop the plant equipment and continue to deliver products made in Japan to customers. At the same time, we will make the development of human resources and other professionals and we will practice the program that effectively improves the skills of each person.
Logistics Strategy
To achieve stable supply of products and a smooth distribution, we will reduce the human error in the production and inventory control. We will promote more efficient management systems and aim to "zero error logistics".