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Company Profile

Company name UFC SUPLLY Co., Ltd.
Address 5-15 RinkuOuraiMinami Izumisano Osaka 598 0047 Japan
TEL・FAX TEL. 072 460 0057  FAX. 072 469 3837
Founded JAN 1998
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Representative President and CEO Yousuke Kubo
Bank References Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation / The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. / The Kiyo Bank, Ltd. / The Iyo Bank, Ltd.
Main Business Production and sales of oral care products
Main Products Toothbrush, liquid toothpaste, dental floss&pics and other plastic products
Production Quantity 3000 million toothbrushes
300 million dental floss&pics
Plants Rinku Plant 1(Osaka): Implantation Plant
Rinku Plant 2(Osaka): Package Plant
Shikoku Plant (Ehime): Interdentalbrush Plant
Logistics Center (Osaka)
About UFC SUPPLY Since the establishment, toward "with commitment to quality but with innovative ideas, we can always meet customer satisfaction", we have been expanding the business of the production and sales of oral care products.

In the field of oral care products, first and foremost, the safety and functionality of products are required. We believe that the stable distribution of the products everyone can use at ease is our social mission and the social significance of our corporate activity.

To realize these principles, we are promoting the production of high quality and secure products and the logistics for the stable supply and for the safety management of products. The core of us is UFC SUPPLY Corporation that oversee the distribution and sales segments and UFC PRODUCTS Corporation that oversee the manufacturing segment. Based on close cooperation between the factories and distribution centers, we strive to develop business activities. For safer and higher quality products and more stable distribution, we will continue the effort.