Esthetic Salon

Information on OEM

At UFC Supply Co., Ltd., we have released a wide variety of oral care products to the world under the motto of "making products with clear selling points".
We have the planning and technical capabilities to meet the various demands of mass retailers and retailers, not only in terms of colors, patterns, and shapes, but also in the selection of materials.
We have earned the trust of high quality that does not impair the dignity of the brand, and we have a track record of many transactions, including major famous drugstores and major mass retailers nationwide.
Please use it not only for planning and manufacturing of private brands of specialty stores, but also for novelties such as campaigns and events.

Clear handle

Clean clear handle

Clear handle & rubber grip

Clean, easy-to-grip handle that can be held firmly

Mat handle


Matt handle & rubber grip

Non-slip grip with soft rubber that can be polished firmly

Kids handle

Handle designed to fit children's mouths and small hands

Tongue cleaner

Easy to move on the tongue and easy to polish handle

Type I interdental brush

Easy-to-use, highly flexible rubber handle

L-shaped interdental brush

Long size rubber handle that can easily reach back teeth

Dental floss

Removes plaque between teeth that cannot be reached with a toothbrush