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Let's learn about your teeth, periodontal tissues and teeth cleaning. Compared to United States or Sweden that are said to dental countries, in Japan, Interest in dental health is not so high. In Japan, because the initial symptom of dental caries or periodontitis would have no severe pain, these diseases are often neglected. However, it came to be known that dental caries and periodontitis can be a trigger of the systemic diseases such as myocardial infarction and stroke. Moreover, in an aging society, the impact of dental health on the health of whole body is being bigger. Therefore, recently, the interest in teeth has been increasing gradually in Japan.

According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2009 conducted by the Ministry of health, compared to the same survey in 2004, the interest in dental health is said to be growing slowly. The percentage of people who have received scaling or professional tooth cleaning has increased slightly in each generation. From 34.6% to 37.2% in 40s, from 38.9% to 42.8% in 50s, from 44.5% to 45.8% in 60s and from 31.2% to 32.8% in 70s. The percentage of people who have received a dental checkup has increased slightly too. From 32.0% to 32.2% in 40s, from31.7% to 35.9% in 50s, from 38.7% to 41.4% in 60s and from 29.5% to31.0% in 70s.