Esthetic Salon

Product Details

    • ・Form of handle is column-shaped which is usable for
      various angle measure.
    • ・There is massive feeling, it is easy to grip.
    • ・Ultrafine spiral bristle can remove plaque very well.
    • ・Side of screwy spiral bristle is concave-convex surface,
      it removes plaque by whole of bristle, not only top of bristle.
Basic information
Product name WA NO KIRAMEKI
Product code (Cherry blossoms)511900(Magnolia liliflora)511920(autumn color of leaves)511890(camellia)51910
STYLE Cherry blossoms, Magnolia liliflora, autumn color of leaves, camellia
Country of origin Japan
Quality indication based on Household Goods Quality Labeling Act
Material of handle saturated polyester resin
Material of bristle saturated polyester resin
Hardness of bristle medium
Resistance to heat 60 degree C
Country of Origin Japan